Hectic Summer!

Wow, time has been flying by like crazy. While I try to find time to redo the website we’ve had ukulele festivals, block parties, fairs and soon the Eugene Celebration to keep me occupied.

Big news first! Our album will be mastered this week!!! I’ll be submitting the tracks to bandcamp.com and iTunes as soon as I can. We need to gather up some remaining funds (who knew making a legit album was so expensive?) before we have physical copies available. But I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that! It’s been a very fun and long process… I’ll probably write my next post detailing everything that we went through to get this made.

Eugene Celebration is coming up fast this weekend. The CCB (CraigCheeBand) will be playing twice on Saturday, 2:30 Broadway stage and 8:00pm Luckeys. Friday night I’ll be joined with the crew from the Uketoberfest (Brook Adams, the Refreshments, etc) to promote that coming up soon too. We go on live at 8:30pm on KLCC 89.7FM Should be fun 😀

Below are some photos from this year’s Whiteaker Block party, and some other random ones since then. Will write soon!





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